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I Lost Loved Ones to Suicide, Here’s What I Learned.

In their wake suicides leave a lot of pain, confusion and sometimes mystery. No matter how devastating suicides are there is something that can be learned from them. That is what I discovered in the last four years when I lost my two friends and a cousin to suicide. Quality of life. One of the… Continue reading I Lost Loved Ones to Suicide, Here’s What I Learned.



Brawling vet. Sweat, breath, blood, Bear the placenta. Oh, sunken eye, hard cheeks and rugged jaws. Grow pain, Pensive lines and darkening dimples. The road slams at you and all the ways scatter – fizzzle sparkle – into the ether, From whence you came, The sister to that which made you undone.

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Feed me my cracked heart I scoffed the soot, I drank it all Churned it all. Burned like ash, Breathed like earth, Cracked like hearth. Peeling. Hollow. Find me, A sharpened knife A daggered grave, An endless grief. Straining. Hollow.