Constant Change

Used to be a guy could smoke in peace, said the smoker. Used to be a guy could have his soda in peace, said the obese. Used to be a guy could have his drink in peace, said the alcoholic. Used to be [insert], said the [insert]. [Insert] pick up drunken girls [insert],[insert] the sleaze … Continue reading Constant Change



I have become aomething, Beleaguered and ragged juggernaut. Thia awe inapiring anomaly. Uncomfortable,you get uaed to it. An expre'ion of peculiar tendenciea. The difference, Ini-valuable, Irreplaceable. Can't call it forth yet it makea me whole. Can't call you forth, incoherent. I can't call you forth... In my dying, in my decline. The failure - aomething.