The guy sat next to her on the bus. The journey ahead was long, 12 hours overnight. He took out his phone and googled "How to speak to a hot girl", after a quick glance at the search results he added "on the road". Glossed over the results again, erased the last three words and … Continue reading Bus


When we went see my mother at the hospital she was very sick. They had just amputated her leg. She had lost tremendous weight. Her skin clung to her bones, her hair was frazzled and her eyes sunk into her skull. We were distraught by just how frail she looked. But my mother was still … Continue reading Mother

Pyre of Envy I: Friends

Friendships, we never know when they start and we can’t predict how they’ll end either. We hope they’ll never end. Then, once in a while, an end comes, unsuspected and unexpected, far from pretty or the usual growing-apart, changing the lives of all involved forever. *** Friday late afternoon, a bulk of Scarlet University students … Continue reading Pyre of Envy I: Friends