Author Interview: Amy Moretsele 

  If you aren’t new to this blog you know how much I have been raving about poetry books Fuckery and Fuckery 2.0 by 17-year-old Amy Moretsele. Impressed and intrigued, I decided to get to know the mind and the person behind Fuckery so I contacted Amy and sat down to interview her about her work … Continue reading Author Interview: Amy Moretsele 

Fuckery 2.0 (Book Review)

  Author: Amy Moretsele Genre: Poetry Rating: 5/5   Fuckery 2.0 is the second book of the poetry collection series by Amy Moretsele, a 17-year-old Brit teen. It builds on the same mind bending and challenging traits of Fuckery. While Fuckery, was unpredictable, fun and mind warping, Fuckery 2.0 delves into much more serious territory … Continue reading Fuckery 2.0 (Book Review)