Advice For My American Friends

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

You should listen to IAMX’s I Am Terrified. It is a powerful, affecting piece of music that just happens to explain my melancholy and anxiety at this point. This Halloween I am terrified, not in that haunted house sort of way. Haunted houses are a game; everyone is in on it. The monsters are made and nothing can hurt you. But Nov 3 is the real haunted house. It just isn’t a game and people can get hurt.

I am not going to be at the polls on that day because 1) I am not in the US, and 2) I am not American. But American elections matter. That is why the world is engrossed by them. Everyone will feels them, regardless of the outcome.

I was hoping to write a more wholesome piece, something researched and well thought-out, but I don’t have the energy. That is what doomscrolling, watching news all day and gobbling news articles will do to you. I imagine it must be a thousand times worse for my American friends.

I know it is hard, but take a break. Turn off the TV, stay off Twitter for a bit, read a book, take a walk, talk about something else, listen to music and watch a good series. It will do you good.

I am terrified, I think too much
I get emotional when I drink too much
I buy every cry, ’cause I don’t trust
– IAMX, I Am Terrified


2 thoughts on “Advice For My American Friends

  1. It has certainly been a long week… I have only checked one news during the day for updates or I would be so worn out from the constant coverage. I hope these last two months go by quickly.

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