Olympian Challenger


Author: Astrid Arditi

Title: Olympian Challenger (Book One)

Genre: Young Adult/Mythology

Hope Diaz is slowly and painfully losing her mother to dementia. The only parent she has ever known. A mysterious invitation to a competition hosted by the Olympian gods could be just the thing that turns her life around. The hero will be granted one wish that can be anything – for Hope, this means a cure for her mother. However, it is not so simple. The gods, while remaining true to their promise, have their own plans. What unfolds for Hope is a shaping journey plagued with deceit, loss, treachery and too few glimmers of light. Seeing the gods up close is not as romantic as it is made out to be.

Astrid Arditi has created a story in Olympian Challenger that is nothing short of delectable, easily pulling the reader into her world. It is a vivid and imposing magical world that is sure to excite many fans. Arditi’s characters are instantly brought to life by her sharp, clever prose which teases out the most salient and defining traits of her characters in a plot conscious manner. Arditi’s world lives, her characters breathe and the story is engaging.

Fans of Greek mythology and newcomers to the genre will appreciate the skill and detail with which the author has brought Mount Olympus and its inhabitants to life. By juxtaposing them with our modern conceptions of morality, Arditi forces us to consider and appreciate virtues, ethics, and the richness of Greek mythology, and to reflect upon ourselves. With such skill and talent at the helm, the Olympian Challenger series is poised to get better and better with each release. It is a riveting page turner that will leave the reader eager for more, as much entertaining as it is edifying.

Rating: 4/5

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