Why are we so satisfied Spying on people's lives Through a screen?   Why are we so satisfied Wrecking people's lives By the things they've done When our own hands are unclean?   by Megan Frost   ### Megan showed me this and I liked it so I asked if I could share it and … Continue reading Satisfied

A Kind of Dying

​Have you ever felt like your heart was being  sucked of a soul? Felt like you were collapsing upon yourself? That is  what it really means to miss someone. Ever felt like the world is too empty And your tears won't add any substance to the meaninglessness Like the rain is to heavy on the … Continue reading A Kind of Dying

Pyre of Envy I: Friends

Friendships, we never know when they start and we can’t predict how they’ll end either. We hope they’ll never end. Then, once in a while, an end comes, unsuspected and unexpected, far from pretty or the usual growing-apart, changing the lives of all involved forever. *** Friday late afternoon, a bulk of Scarlet University students … Continue reading Pyre of Envy I: Friends