Sucker Album Review and General Comments on Society

  From Plato, Aristotle, Horace, Longinus to Mazzoni and the present, the idea that art can serve a function is old. That art could inform people’s virtues, morals, spur them to civic duty, heroism, transport them, connect them with God (the transcendental) and even bring them consolation in times of difficulty. This idea is not … Continue reading Sucker Album Review and General Comments on Society


The Impartialist vs the Partialist

In moral philosophy to be an impartialist means you believe that people should be treated fairly and equally without bias or prejudice. You would be inclined to believe that we should treat people this way in all situations. This is very appealing since it speaks to our desire for justice and fairness. The impartialist understands … Continue reading The Impartialist vs the Partialist