Open the back of your eyes, boy. See the world for what it is. Just feel it. The rush, that makes boys men The rush that makes us fall. Held between these shaking fingers, Caught between these frail lips. Flutter flutter, buzz buzz, sway and sink.   I feel good about this one for some … Continue reading Headrush

To The Folds

There is no peace for you here, It’s in the silky soft folds of darkness, At the end the taut rope Where darkness dissolves light.   It is not surprising, All you wore was black, All you spoke was heavy. And with each thought you were climbing the chair.   At least you were honest … Continue reading To The Folds

I Think I Know Where You Live

Marilyn Manson hasn’t stopped producing shock rock music that intellectually stimulates, challenging our views, perceptions and beliefs. His music is still laden with literary depth. He might not be as popular, inspire the same hysteria as he did amongst conservatives and the general public when he first started, nonetheless his music still remains powerful, threaded … Continue reading I Think I Know Where You Live

How I Learned There Is No Such Thing As Being The Best.

All my life I have strived to be the best, to be the greatest and grandest in everything I did and could do. I don’t know where it comes from, it might just be from the competitive culture that most us are born in. The point is, second wasn’t good enough, never ever, At school … Continue reading How I Learned There Is No Such Thing As Being The Best.