Losing My Vision

Human relationships I build . New hope, new dreams and visions I give, I give and give and give until Their bellies hang. Perhaps afraid of dying   From gluttony They disppear. With the hope, the dreams and visions. I'm left to fall Not too far into the deep, Lest they need me again, But severed … Continue reading Losing My Vision

My Affection

I want to hold your hand and break your bones Hug you and squeeze your soul out Look deep in your eyes as you collapse to the floor And when the red pool spreads I will be the first to drown in it. No one taught me any better Look at me, I'm a rubble … Continue reading My Affection

South Africa’s Violent Protests

As long as I can remember South Africa has always been a country simmering with unrest. Protests turning violent in South Africa is nothing new, in fact they became so frequent and volatile that in 2008 professor Mike Hough, University of Pretoria, published a paper in the South African Journal of Military Studies accessing the … Continue reading South Africa’s Violent Protests