A Review of An Obscure Hip Hop Artist

Luigi The First, or just Luigi as I like to call him, is an aspiring South African hip hop artist on SoundCloud. He is virtually unknown as the title suggests. Being the kinda/music fanatic creep I am, I found his music by chance. Over That was the first track I heard from him, unfortunately the … Continue reading A Review of An Obscure Hip Hop Artist


I Think I Know Where You Live

Marilyn Manson hasn’t stopped producing shock rock music that intellectually stimulates, challenging our views, perceptions and beliefs. His music is still laden with literary depth. He might not be as popular, inspire the same hysteria as he did amongst conservatives and the general public when he first started, nonetheless his music still remains powerful, threaded … Continue reading I Think I Know Where You Live

Finding Pandora: Eternity (Review)

Author: E. Rachael Hardcastle Genre: Young Adult-Epic Fantasy Title: Finding Pandora: Eternity (Book Four)   Under the command of the mischievous Falkon Lou, the orc-werewolf army marches to the Recruit’s sanctuary. Their mission is to destroy every supernatural being who stands in their way. It is suspected that the Recruit is in possession of the … Continue reading Finding Pandora: Eternity (Review)

Finding Pandora: Infinity (Review)

Author: E. Rachael Hardcastle Genre: Young Adult/High Fantasy Title: Finding Pandora, Infinity(Book 3)   In Finding Pandora: Infinity, we discover Arriette and her friends in the Recruit’s lair, surrounded by an Orc army under the command of a mischievous Everlast, an immortal supernatural being, whose aims aren’t exactly clear. But one thing is certain: whatever … Continue reading Finding Pandora: Infinity (Review)