I am behind my phone again looking at my friends. Looking at them lie about everything. About their relationships, about their feelings, their the world, about their appearance and their thoughts. I watch them lie about their personalities, achievements and attitudes. They lie and lie and lie, and I watch, redacted but affected. With so many lies cycling around it is easy to forget, to get lost between impressions and appearances. So easy to think that my world is dull, uneventful and stagnant; those hours spent behind my tiny screen. Then it takes a past midnight bus ride, when all the sloshed faces from Party Avenue make their way home, reeking of alcohol and cigarettes, to realize just how fucked everyone is. For these people confess and confide. They tell me about their fears, insecurities, their worries, problems and deep seated dissatisfactions and grievances. They tell me because they can’t hold it in any longer, all the lying has made it difficult to talk to anyone. Who am I but a stranger who they never have to see again. I listen, and suddenly I don’t feel so alone.

But the moment is shortlived, because after all this they wake up in their beds next morning,with no memory of what had happened. Scroll through pictures of the previous night , select the ones that best present how they hope to feel, type something delightful and upload them.

And I, as I scroll down my news feed, forget too.


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