The Cult of Sheep

Barlow’s eyes are shimmering, the light a sinuous display of  something towing beneath. His smile pious-like, marked with an etiolated kindness, this precarious softness and this mark of an adulterating isolation that only those who'd experienced can recognize. A secret for the initiated. But Barlow is not a monk, he is dashing in his blacksuit … Continue reading The Cult of Sheep

Three Types of Intuition We Are All Familiar With

  Researchers Amanda Woolley and Olga Kostopoulou propose that there are three types of intuition. In their study they asked 18 family doctors to recount two cases in their career where intuition played major role in their decision making. Of all the cases, after rigorous processes, only 24 were recognized as examples of intuition. After … Continue reading Three Types of Intuition We Are All Familiar With