Advice For My American Friends

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels You should listen to IAMX's I Am Terrified. It is a powerful, affecting piece of music that just happens to explain my melancholy and anxiety at this point. This Halloween I am terrified, not in that haunted house sort of way. Haunted houses are a game; everyone is in on it. The monsters … Continue reading Advice For My American Friends

I Lost Loved Ones to Suicide, Here’s What I Learned.


In their wake suicides leave a lot of pain, confusion and sometimes mystery. No matter how devastating suicides are there is something that can be learned from them. That is what I discovered in the last four years when I lost my two friends and a cousin to suicide. Quality of life. One of the … Continue reading I Lost Loved Ones to Suicide, Here’s What I Learned.

South Africa’s Violent Protests

As long as I can remember South Africa has always been a country simmering with unrest. Protests turning violent in South Africa is nothing new, in fact they became so frequent and volatile that in 2008 professor Mike Hough, University of Pretoria, published a paper in the South African Journal of Military Studies accessing the … Continue reading South Africa’s Violent Protests