I had that dream again, the one where I kneel before you and make overtures. I awoke, confronted by my fear of intimacy, my shunning of it in pursuit of a more o it. Each day I'm more afraid than the last that I'm losing you. You will have to push me because I'm a … Continue reading Dissonance


The woman walked into the park, wearing a floppy hat that obscured her facial features and a dowdy trench coat that hung loose upon her spindly figure, slicing through life with her aquiline nose. Her feet buckled in her shoes as she thrust forward. She found her bench in the grey of the dying day … Continue reading Strangers


I have become aomething, Beleaguered and ragged juggernaut. Thia awe inapiring anomaly. Uncomfortable,you get uaed to it. An expre'ion of peculiar tendenciea. The difference, Ini-valuable, Irreplaceable. Can't call it forth yet it makea me whole. Can't call you forth, incoherent. I can't call you forth... In my dying, in my decline. The failure - aomething.