Depleted, I can’t give more than I have given. Can’t be anymore than what I am given.

Wasting limbs and sore thoughts,

Encroaching demands and taxing expectations.

Spending on that which never pays.

Working on that which yields nothing.

And somehow I’m told this the way things.

Hi everyone. I just want to tell you all, the people who like my posts, follow this blog and comment that I love you and I’m very appreciative. Perhaps I’m not the most expressive of people but honestly I think of you guys. Even when I have went days or weeks without posting anything or commenting on anything, I think of you guys. I just get burnt out by a plethora of things that I do besides this, like housework and family-related stuff, working on bigger projects etc. Some of you know when I get the chance I read your stuff, comment but I hardly ever express my love and respect for you guys. Honestly sometimes when you go quiet, you don’t post anything or even like anything I get worried about you. Some of you have had me ask where have you been, that usually happens when I have been worrying about you for a long while.

Sometimes I work on pieces for this blog, most end up collecting dust or discarded, not because I want to, but because I don’t feel they are good enough or in the right place with me or I’m just burntout.

Anyway, I love you guys and I think of you. I just needed to say it before I burst.


8 thoughts on “Deplete

  1. this entire post made me smile–the poem, because i find it relatable, and your note, due to its sweetness. you owe your readers nothing, and yet continue to pop up around the blogosphere to ensure everyone is doing alright. i hope you are, too, my friend xx

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