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Blood is the answer to questions never asked.

Blood is the answer to worries, never shared.

A temporary remedy,

For the insecurity and the slow death of the self.

Bottled, about to burst.




Break these ribs.

Slit these wrists.


11 thoughts on “Red

      1. Yes mostly I do use less rather than more words. I think the message is more powerful that way. Whether it be a positive message or a hard hitting one about pain. With some poems you get s hold of one thought and then you are plunged into loads mire and then you get lost in it. I lived your repetition of the word Blood. It really got your message across. Great poem

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        1. Yeah. Some poems just unravel and you go with the journey see where it takes you, or you know your destination and you are just absorbed by the journey.
          Like your poem, it really is a different kind of a journey. It is not.long, it just the right size and weight for its significance. I love that peom, I keep thinking about it over and over, looking at it from different viewpoints. The people in it are really clear to me and I think there is a story there, a deep one.

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          1. Thanks so much. That piem IS longer than my usual ones. But I was trying to make it a bit kind of staccato, to draw attention to what I was saying. I feel touched that you keep thinking about that poem and looking at it from different angles. This woman in the poem was actually my best friend. I loved her deeply.

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            1. Well we moved away and I lost contact with her. I don’t know where she is now. I am trying to find her. She is actually bipolar


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