We fought each other, with each opportunity we got. For you it was a chance to have one over me, for me it was about destroying you. With each defeat I hoped you’d break and you would confess, at last, that I’m better than you.

Then we grew and we discovered as big as the world is, it is way too small for another conflict. That as much time as we have, there is little left. Because the older you become the more of it gets taken away, the more of it is owned by other interests. We both realized we were irreplaceable, because time is an arrow, you only get one childhood, and you can’t edit that it and put someone else you like better in that role. I was dealt you and you were dealt me, and we became better people for it. No one would ever understand our bond despite the fierce competition and animosity we had against each other. No one will respect us as much as we respect each other, we know each other deeply because of our quarrels

It’s funny though, of all the times I beat you, you got to finish first. Everyhing that gave me an advantage over you became the very thing that destroyed me. I’m still wondering if I will make it, don’t think I have it in me anymore. You are not here to challenge me anymore, it’s that thing about time, we have way less of it now. So I understand. I understand something else too, that you were the one that kept me, confirming the one truth I have always wanted to eviscerate with each merciless defeat that you are better than me.

Sometimes it’s amazing the relationships that form as a result of competition not in spite of it.

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