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The Identity Myth

It’s a never ending cult

That our tongues,

Where we kneel,

Where we face,

What we eat,

Where we live,

How we dress ,

And how we look.

Makes us different.

We are branches

On the same tree

Institutions, traditions

Nationalism, racialism, culturalism, extremism;

The ignorance, the bigotry, the politics

Are like the cold Autumn winds that shed the leaves,

Sowing seeds for another generation zealots

Who believe they are fucking different.

They shall shed oceans of blood on this unholiest of alters.

It’s a never ending bloody cult

That you and I

Are different.

7 thoughts on “The Identity Myth

    1. I hope so. I think we have inherited some ideas/philosophies/beliefs that are very much part of our life which have become toxic and counter-productive,in the sense that they are often the cause of conflict. And I think most of these ideas, at their core have this component of unchanging/geniune/true identity​/attributes or otherisms. While it is very clear that identities are defined, re-defined and change all the time. The principal nature of identity is that’s it is malleable, fluid and ultimately what we decide it to be. I make mention of some of those concepts in this poem. In my view realizing this fluidity/non-being-ness is to appreciate the incredible autonomy we have on our lives, that we are in principle free from and in control of the ideas/philosophies that furnish, shape and form our daily lives, which are at the front of our experience of life and our perception of it’s worth or meaning. Both on personal, social and global level.

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