All Works · Poetry


I won’t insult you for believing me,

But I will insult for not checking twice,

Or looking up once in a while.

I will mock you, for being so stupid,

Walking in the rain without a coat, or an umbrella made of steel.


It’s fun crying wolf,

As long as you don’t get hurt.

It’s fun crying wolf,

Instead of preaching  holy truths,

Over glass tables, podiums and pulpits.

It’s a laugh.



I will keep crying wolf,

I won’t get hurt.

This is the cyberspace,

What you say is instant history.

Sculpting monuments in the clouds.

Yet, somehow, I still can’t believe it, hand to my gut,

Still can’t get enough of them falling down.


It’s fine though, I reside in the clouds.

Why should I care what happens down there?

Why should I care if it starts raining megaliths?






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