Finding Pandora: Eternity (Review)


Author: E. Rachael Hardcastle

Genre: Young Adult-Epic Fantasy

Title: Finding Pandora: Eternity (Book Four)


Under the command of the mischievous Falkon Lou, the orc-werewolf army marches to the Recruit’s sanctuary. Their mission is to destroy every supernatural being who stands in their way. It is suspected that the Recruit is in possession of the powerful Pandora’s Box. Falkon Lou will stop at nothing until he has his hands on the box. Unbeknownst to him, Arriette knows where the box is. The box is guarded by a ferocious, fire breathing dragon. Arriette can’t convince Falkon Lou she doesn’t have it or disclose its location to him. The entire fate of the planet rests on the box being in the right hands. So, the Recruit has to defeat Falkon Lou’s army, and retrieve the box from the dragon.

Finding Pandora: Eternity reads like the last flaming chapters of a thriller. It is all action, anguish, emotion, twists, blood, and light. It is laced with feelings of triumph and defeat, anguish and happiness, closure and continuance. The lean economical style of E. Rachael Hardcastle accelerates the tense, quick pace of Finding Pandora: Eternity, making the already concise installment feel even tighter. However, this isn’t at the expense of depth. An example of this is how Arriette blossoms into a relatable human-like character. At the beginning of the series she was human. Now that she isn’t human, it is impressive how human she is in Finding Pandora: Eternity.

One thing is clear at the end, the Finding Pandora series is about sacrifice, the demands of living a purposeful life, and hope in the face of calamity. It is these poignant themes that make the series the moral force it is. As we close this chapter, we are reminded that this may not be the last time we see Arriette and the Recruit, and that should bring some excitement to fans because this story has more to offer.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite


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