Finding Pandora: Infinity (Review)


Author: E. Rachael Hardcastle

Genre: Young Adult/High Fantasy

Title: Finding Pandora, Infinity(Book 3)


In Finding Pandora: Infinity, we discover Arriette and her friends in the Recruit’s lair, surrounded by an Orc army under the command of a mischievous Everlast, an immortal supernatural being, whose aims aren’t exactly clear. But one thing is certain: whatever his intentions are, it won’t be good for the Recruit, the human race, and the planet Haeylo. Arriette and her friends have to find out what his intentions are and save the planet. From the first page there is tension, a clear direction and a pressing mission. Finding Pandora beats at a pace that keeps the reader’s attention and interest. The story flows remarkably. The imagination, planning and execution of E. Rachael Hardcastle’s work is the strongest I have ever seen it; she is in control and fully knows what she is doing, and it is quite a feat to behold. Finding Pandora is rich with societies, environments and cultures that are bustling with life, history and tradition, and however suggested and lightly explored these aspects are, they are nonetheless present and strong.

The planet of Haeylo is a place that one feels has a lot of secrets, history and a story to tell. The author does not spend much of the story on that aspect of the planet and it is this withholding of information that makes it all the more intriguing, making readers gobble down every little bit she throws their way. There are exciting and fascinating reveals and twists in Finding Pandora: Infinity that make it the most eventful book of the series so far. E. Rachael Hardcastle has shown good signs of growth as a writer and a storyteller in her third book of the series. But perhaps the strongest feature of the book is found in its insightful themes and discussions on evil, morality, purpose and humanity. Finding Pandora: Infinity is the book that turns it all around.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewed for Readers’ Favorite


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