Beautiful Imperfections (Review)



Title: Beautiful Imperfections (Luna Words)

Authors: Jade Novelist & Maira Wolfe

Genre: Poetry


Beautiful Imperfections, a tale of love, lust and companionship. A tale of lovers who can’t find happiness in their respective marriages so they find sanctuary, solace and love in each other. Beautiful Imperfections smolders with intense emotions, shocking revelations and universal insights into the cracks that break marriages and the patterns that form new bonds. What is even more impressive about Beautiful Imperfections is that for its depth, insight and sophistication it is very short. That is because this tale is told through a series of poems penned by South African poets Jade Novelist and Maira Wolfe.

The entire book is an artwork. The layout is very similar to that of an album booklet, adorned with pictures, artwork and designs that add to the manner in which the story is narrated, structured, perceived and digested. For an example, before most poems begin, there are snippets of texts the two adulterers have exchanged in private, the poems that follow are what they are secretly feeling and thinking. This adds a certain intimate quality to the book, you feel like you are in the middle of the exchange between the two lovers, as they go about in their relationship, their lives and moments of tremendous introspection.  These characters are well-developed, with a solid motivations, beliefs and history. They are as multifaceted as characters in novel, complete with quirks. Beautiful Imperfections is well put together and whole, no word or image is wasted.

While reading Beautiful Imperfections book I have cried more than once, both for how good the poems were in telling this story and for how the entire book was an aesthetic experience of its own. It is something I have never encountered before, and it has left me impressed.

Beautiful Imperfections is an excellent collaboration, an artwork and a worthwhile journey.

I’m looking forward to more from Jade Novelist and Maira Wolfe, their work has truly changed my attitudes towards collaboration. To be able to work so well and produce something so coherent and matched is truly impressive.

Rating: 4/5

Experience Beautiful Imperfections for yourself, download it here.


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