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A Letter to Anonymous

When I first saw you it was warm summer day. You were wearing my favourite band’s T-shirt and your auburn hair was blowing in the soft breeze. Your mesmerizing smile coaxed me to stop and speak to you. I did, we got along great. A few moments later you told me you aren’t the type of girl to call first, text first or say things like “I miss you”. I looked in your brown eyes and I could see you meant it. Although you sounded like one, you weren’t a pompous, vain little bitch. You couldn’t be. Not being rude, but you were average and pig-like with your snub little nose.But there was something else you were – honest, smart and infectious. I could swear in that moment you were the most beautiful thing to me. A year later, I know what you said was true, you have never initiated contact with me or told me you missed me. Nonetheless, you were dependable. I could always call you and text you and you would be there, never flaking. That means more to me than any other ” I love you” or “I miss you”.

You remember when I called you in the middle of night? I had severe panic attacks and I couldn’t sleep or think. There wasn’t a hint of exasperation in your voice or impatience, only understanding and love. You didn’t give me bullshit about having school in the morning or it being 3am, you calmed me and helped me sleep. Even though an hour later I woke you up again. Still you answered, your voice sweet as an oasis. I was saved that night, and I would be on many more occasions.

Thar is why, Anonymous. That is why…


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