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It came from behind and covered

“if you can sell it , then you should

If you can pimp her out, then you should” It said.

Knife to throat, I made the deal.

“I never thought I would break bread with you.

I never thought I’d be here in the dumps.

Disgusted with myself.

I never thought you’d help me make peace with my sins.”

It snuck up to me,

Up into me.

It ate me whole.

It had come from behind where stalkers lurk.

From behind where treachery dwells.

And it is there, where cold-hearted men like me leave their conscience.

The devil forced my hand, but I know I liked it.

I write most if my poetry to music in my head. They are pretty much meant to be sang to bone crushing riffs, shredding solos and mad drumming. I used to be in a band so my mind always makes these songs and I write peoms or lyrics to them. Here is a taste of the sort of music I would hear, don’t focus much on the vocals.


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