Good-Bad News 

Today while browsing through my computer I saw a document titled “concept for third book”. I was nervous to open it as I am already about a quarter of the way into the third book of the Scarleton Series. I did and this is what I found: 
Your life is not a novel, it is not building to a great crescendo, a single moment that will add meaning to it all, the one single triumph. It is a mundane plodding of events building to one !meaningless crescendo, and that is annihilation.

I was surprised, it made me think about the direction I was taking and life in general.

Pyre of Envy, the second book, is finished but I want to get a lot of things just right so it won’t be out in a long while despite all I have said. I apologize. Also I have decided to discontinue the Eccentric Blogger Series as a result of some personal business regarding my health. You can still expect me to research subjects and write thoughtful essays for you though.They will all be posted here with my reviews. Also, I haven’t been reviewing books because of the same health concerns. As soon as all is sorted you can expect them too. I apologize, seems all I do is disappoint lately. 

Will make it up to you. 


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