The Great Relaxant

Open my eyes

Like bottle caps

To see the truth within me


Open my eyes to see beneath.

To see beyond my eyes,

Open my eyes the great relaxant.

Open my eyes be’ond the end,

Beyond my end.

8 thoughts on “The Great Relaxant

      1. Thats nice to know, I hope you were thinking in a nice way. Have not been doing too much of late, having some painful health probs which seem to be occupying my mind. Hope you are ok in yourself. Keep writing.

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          1. Thats cheered me up no ends, thanks for that. Actually I have one Doctor thinks I have Shin Splints and another says it can’t be. I know you have to be very fit type I’m not that, so the whole thing is a puzzle, waiting to see Bone Consultant, all I know is its agony and difficult to walk, hope it ends soon, its been 4 months so far. Always enjoy your work.

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            1. Sounds horrible, I’m sorry. For months is a very long time. I can’t say I’m not having my share of doctor visits. From a med doc, to psychiatrist, back to med doc and then psychologist. Seriously, I know what it’s like to bounce around doctors.

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            2. I am sorry for all your problems, its terrible isn’t it when one is in great pain and it never seems to end. Keep in touch and let me know how you are from time to time, take care of yourself as best you can. You know yourself best. All the best, Anna.

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