You asked me for milk

Hand on the gate I turned around and said it

God knows I would never call any woman that.

I never have.

You neglect your children

You come and go as you please.

Disappear in the middle of the night

Go AWOL for a couple of days

And still you come and expect the same treatment.

Oblivious to your faults

But quick to flip when I forget to to put my cup on a coaster,

Or put the garbage out a little latter.

Pulling rank on us over house chores.

You are a bitch!

You can’t blame it on your parents,

They raised five wonderful children, you in the middle.

Money? You have had plenty.

Mental illness? You never want to find out.

Nothing justifies what you are doing to your children

I don’t care what you what’s your excuse.

Children are vulnerable.

You are robbing them of their welfare and a chance at a healthy life.


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