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A Kind of Dying

​Have you ever felt like your heart was being  sucked of a soul?

Felt like you were collapsing upon yourself?

That is  what it really means to miss someone.

Ever felt like the world is too empty

And your tears won’t add any substance to the meaninglessness

Like the rain is to heavy on the air?

Cause this is what it really means…

When your favorite song doesn’t touch you anymore

When no hobby brings release

And teeth grow in your skull!

A wire wraps around your throat!

Lungs cloaked in ash!

This is what it means  to miss someone. 


28 thoughts on “A Kind of Dying

  1. it feels like dying. It happend to me a few times the last 15 months. The first time was the worst – totally unexpected. And nevertheless I don’t know what I could advice you. I’m still looking for the cure for myself

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