All Works · Poetry


You are so beautiful you can make the sun shy.

That or you could make vamps and werewolves rip your clothes and ravage you. 

Bu it only extends as far as the eyes can see, beyond that horizon something lurks, a presence or an absence.

Then there is me, I just want your friendship, to reach the horizon. I want you to fuck me up for it, like the world did Africa.

Fuck me up and speak of how pathetic I am, as if you played no role in my destruction at all.

It wont take you decades or distance to absolve yourself.

Because you have been fucked up too.

I don’t think it gives you the right though, or it absolves you of any responsibility. 

 it doesn’t.

But since I am a self-loathing asshole I’m letting you think it does. Because no one is more lost than a person who doesn’t see their faults, and it’s in the habit of people who hate themselves to be self-desttuctive.

Whether you and I are ultimately the same, I don’t know.

I know this though, you can always count on me to reach out and I can always count on you to bite my arm. 


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