Book Review: Forgotten Faith by E. Rachael Hardcastle


Title: Forgotten Faith – A Romantic Short Story

Author: E. Rachael Hardcastle

Genre: Romance/General/Contemporary


When we meet Josephine she is distraught, the man of her dreams is marrying another woman. She has never felt so deeply for anyone and she had been holding onto hope that he might come back to her. She doesn’t think she could ever love another; Josephine is spent and white-faced. She has to crawl out of the hopelessness and find some way to rebuild. This is the story of Forgotten Faith, a romantic short story by E. Rachael Hardcastle, telling a story that almost all of us can relate to – the story of the one we love ending up with someone else, and coming to terms with it.

Forgotten Faith is another nuanced offering from E. Rachael Hardcastle, and once again the author is strategic with her plot and themes, and the pacing. The story is told through Josephine, the object of her affection, Daniel, through her best friend, her parents and Daniel’s brother. This makes for a multi-layered read with absorbing characters, it is an all round experience of the events in this book that enrich every facet of Forgotten Faith with substance and message. In this way, a personal story becomes an intimate universal experience for everyone who encounters Forgotten Faith.

We read books for many things, among them to understand human psyche, to find hope, and to gain insights into some of our motivations and make sense of our worlds. Forgotten Faith offers that to the reader, another window into the human experience of the world and interpersonal relationships. Passionately crafted and delivered, honesty and realism confront the reader. It is a heartfelt read which one hopes to never end.

Rating: 5/5


Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite.



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