Book Review: Finding Pandora:World by E. Rachael Hardcastle


Title: Finding Pandora (World)

Author: E. Rachael Hardcastle

Genre: Young Adult High Fantasy


Finding Pandora: World is a young-adult high fantasy novel based on the planet Haeylo. It follows Arriette, a smart young woman with a love for knowledge, and one of the few human beings remaining on a planet ruled by Everlasts and simmering with demonic forces. It’s when her ex-boyfriend Kalvin, having left Arriette for her best friend Susan, reaches out with news that Susan is gravely ill that everything changes forever for Arriette, leading her into a life changing, incredible journey.

The world of Finding Pandora is interesting on its own, comprising a mirroring history and an assortment of creatures that will make for consuming contemplation sessions. A lot has happened in this world and something apocalyptic lurks beyond the horizon, seething and scheming and weaving; you can sense it past the passages and happenings. This is testament to E. Rachael Hardcastle’s ability to choose carefully what to show and what to suggest. It is with this skill that E. Rachael Hardcastle delivers a light-pierced somber story with a compact, multifaceted plot. This makes Finding Pandora: World a book the eyes can’t skim over and forget, it demands the reader be engaged and it challenges the reader.

Finding Pandora: World is tightly knit, restless, violent beneath the calm, snappy and thought-provoking. It is the strong visceral response Finding Pandora: World evokes after reading that makes it a triumph of its own kind. Finding Pandora: World isn’t just about the characters or the story, it is about a fissuring world at the edge of its fate.


Rating: 4/5


Reviewed for Reader’s Favourite



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