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Author Interview: Amy Moretsele 


If you aren’t new to this blog you know how much I have been raving about poetry books Fuckery and Fuckery 2.0 by 17-year-old Amy Moretsele. Impressed and intrigued, I decided to get to know the mind and the person behind Fuckery so I contacted Amy and sat down to interview her about her work and influences.

And this is what happened.

Why do you write at all? Why did you start?

In general? Honestly it’s just something I’ve always done. I started my blog to feel more productive after a bit of a writing hiatus and then I remembered how much I enjoyed it. In terms of Fuckery, it just started as a joke when I wrote one nonsense poem

Can you tell what the poem was?


Starting your blog, was it all about trying to feel more productive or you had a goal in mind?

 No, no goal. Now there’s more of a goal to develop myself as a writer because I’ve decided that’s what I want to do, but at the beginning it was all a bit aimless (laughs)

(Laughs) Your blog was called A Day In A Life Of A Quirky Human Being, right? If so why did that change except for practical reasons like it is too long or something.

It changed because I decided I wanted it to be solely about writing, also it wasn’t really relevant to the content  I realized I’m not really a talk about my life kind of person. (laughs)

Do you think you are quirky?

Definitely, I think that might even be a mild description

Do you feel like your writing reflects these qualities about you?

I don’t really know (laughs), Fuckery definitely does

How is it like in there? (points to head) Because your blog posts flow well and seem to have a certain order. Then there is Fuckery.

 I really don’t know how to answer that, it is how it is I guess

Would you say boredom played a healthy role in constructing Fuckery?

No, not really, maybe a bit in the first one but then writing poetry just kinda kept happening

What was that like?

What do you mean?

You say the first poem you wrote because you were bored then the rest wasn’t like that. I want to know what kept inspiring you and how was the experience?

The first was more out of procrastination than boredom, but then I was motivated by the idea of Fuckery and creating something so weird and random, a mixture of nonsense and deeper meanings. At the time my thoughts were kind of like, if I die, I’ll have accomplished nothing interesting, let’s go through with this weird project/idea, let’s accomplish Fuckery.

In terms of the second one, it was more of an outlet, I guess I like expressing my ideas and emotions in poems (laughs)

While Fuckery was unpredictable, fun and light things got a lot more serious and darker in Fuckery 2.0. What do you think inspired this change? Same answer?

My life. I don’t know, I’ve kind of struggled with some stuff these last eight or so months, more so than I’ve done in the past

Isolation, being trapped, clear undertones of self-destruction, despair and escaping existence or hating it in you later stuff, what were you trying to get in terms with? Is this a  reflection of where you are as a person? Contemplating and experiencing big things?

It wasn’t really getting to terms with that stuff more I needed to express it in some way. I guess it is (laughs).

Let me tell you story. Wednesday this week, I wake up and I am filled with energy. I can’t wait to start with my routine but today I decide not to put on music and write first. I decide to start my morning with a little of Fuckery 2.0. Fifteen minutes later I am so depressed and exhausted, moved by what I had read. Is the ability to invoke such emotion one of the things you aim to achieve in your poetry?

Omg, I’m so sorry! Gosh, maybe I should have put ‘warning: depressing content’ in the description . That being said, I’m glad my poetry had invoking abilities and not the reaction of a puzzled look (laughs). It’s not really an aim but if it does, I’m glad because it means it’s not too shit. Poetry is meant to move people in some way I think.

What is the one thing you would like people to get from Fuckery and Fuckery 2.0?

Ooh, I don’t really know honestly, I mean I hope they enjoy it even if they do get a bit bummed out by it. I’d really love it if people came away from reading them loving at least one poem and having some deeper thinking invoked by the ones inspired by societal issues. Ooh! And be inspired/uplifted by the inspirational vegetable ones. Yes, that’s definitely my minimum wish for Fuckery readers

(Laughs) Should we expect more Fuckery in the future?

Yeah . I think so, there will at least be a third one for sure

Any other projects?

No, not really, surviving A levels.

Thank you, and all the best.


That was it. If you would like to check out her blog click here.

And here is a beautiful taste of Fuckery.



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