Fuckery 2.0 (Book Review)



Author: Amy Moretsele

Genre: Poetry

Rating: 5/5


Fuckery 2.0 is the second book of the poetry collection series by Amy Moretsele, a 17-year-old Brit teen. It builds on the same mind bending and challenging traits of Fuckery.

While Fuckery, was unpredictable, fun and mind warping, Fuckery 2.0 delves into much more serious territory while retaining the voice we have grown accustomed to in Fuckery. Amy utilizes the tools in her arsenal and introduces us to newer ones, playing with darker colors and moods, making the journey a mind etching wonderland. Some of these themes, filtered through a 17 year old, can be quite thought-provoking, insightful and electrifying. Another Cup, one in many brilliant poems, is written from a perspective of someone who feels trapped and weighed down by societal expectations and demands, laced with tinges of despair, nihilism and self-destructiveness. It is a hair raising poem takes the spirit of Fuckery to its extreme. Though dark and morbid it reminds us of how the pressures of modern life and the standards we have set for ourselves can be stifling. In Fucker 2.0 the nature of death, the crushing nature of discontent, desolation, the limits of mankind, self-expression, love and intimacy are exquisitely explored.

Fuckery 2.0 is an iron fist in a velvet glove, smashed through your front teeth and into your soul, its sheer emotional power resting in its deceptively calm and reflective mood. It is so honest, brave and uncompromising. Proving, without a doubt, that Amy has a way with words. It definitely leaves one aching for her next release.

Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite.

  You can get the book here.


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