Fuckery (Book Review)


Author: Amy Moretsele

Genre: Poetry

Rating: 4/5


Fuckery is an anthology of poems penned by 17-year-old Amy Moretsele from the UK. The title cleverly denotes the nature of the book’s contents, and believe me it’s anything but unrestrained vulgarity and sensationalism. The book cleverly explores a wide range of themes and makes use of poetic devices in some of the most refreshing ways. From personified vegetables to fridge-freezers, it makes you glad that when procrastinating from school work or something else she chose to do something creative and amusing as Fuckery.

If poetry is meant to move you with sounds, mind warping lines/metaphors, haunting imagery, emotion and fun word play, Fuckery does that. It’s fresh, witty, clever and fun. Amy manages to make an ebook so concise, so memorable and visceral. Poem after poem is riddled with strengths, and it is difficult to have to pick one or two out of the collection as the best; they all seem to emphasize different qualities and even when aiming for the same type of results, they go about it in different ways. 

Amy has created a wide palate of emotions, experiences and images. Everyone will find something that resonates with them deeply. The poems that I can’t erase from my mind are 13, Applause, In Waiting Rooms, and Fuck the Seasons. Applause, while brief and unconventional in form, makes a poignant point. In Waiting Rooms is a flicker of isolation and desolation without being depressing. The poem 13 easily encapsulates the bending qualities of Fucker. Fuck the Seasons is tastefully laden with powerful images. 

If you are looking for a quick pastime, something to read and forget about, as short as Fuckery is, you won’t find it here. What Amy has spawned here, although not deep and brooding, is no picnic. It throbs with activity and movement, it is alive, stimulating and punchy. A clever short offering, it hits the bull’s-eye.

Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite

You can get the book here.


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