I’m Quite a Surprise, ain’t I?

I have recently been interviwed by Emma Hardcastle, author & editor, on her site about my influences, my work, dealing with criticism,  writing in general, books, reading and much more. Go to her site and read the full interview and get to know me better. I reveal and say some things that will interest new readers, old readers and futures readers the same. Are you an aspiring author? Well, there is a ton for you too. Oh what? Already published? You will love it too. 
Below is a preview of the interview.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I get my ideas mainly from things I see happen around me and my own philosophical convictions. It is difficult to pinpoint which influences which but it is always a synthesis of things. For an example, I can trace the influences of my novel Before the Cult from three different sources, personal experiences, philosophy and an English Literature lecture. But it’s driven by a mission to write something that would simulate having delusional depression to the reader. I felt there was a need for people to know how it felt. In that way I’m very weird for spending four years writing something that gives an unpleasant experience.


Why do you write?

I mainly write because I am propelled to write. It is the one thing I cannot not do. No matter how much or how hard I try. It gives meaning to my life. I am madly in love with the craft so it is nothing like hell when I feel I can’t escape the urge to write. Although, it can be pretty inconvenient at times. Writing became a gateway for me, at first, because I found I could express myself fully that way and no one was making fun of me or interrupting me. That is because I had a terrible stutter, robbed me of friendships and made me a subject of bullying and ridicule. This way my childhood was very lonely. I’m thankful for that because I became very imaginative because of the amount of time I had to spend alone. When around people and unable to speak, I had time to spend thinking. So, writing was the way people could hear and see those thoughts and worlds trapped inside me.

Talk us through your creative process from start to finish.

I’m a thinker. So if I get an idea I think about it for weeks. Flesh it out, explore and prod it. I plot major events of my story modelled after the arguments I have made. The next months are then just me writing the first draft. After that is done I edit and refine the message and the content. I try to decide on style of writing, what to hold back on, what to emphasize, what to change, what to break and what to mend. I treat writing like it is making a song. You want to get all the instruments aligned in a specific way for a specific effect, you think of the tempo, the mood, the volume, the dissonance, counterpoint, moments of violent tranquillity and so forth. It takes time to get everything working right, and sounding right. When that is done there is mastering to be done, the last step. Where I edit for overall coherence and to fulfil the premise I first started out with. There is a lot of obsessive tweaking, rearranging, refinement and polishing in the end. It is more of a thinking exercise to me, a creative thinking process. 

You can read more on her site here.


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