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Pyre of Envy X: In Your Ignorance

​Rolemn should have been mad at Erica but he wasn’t. All that filled his mind was that kiss. His mind trotted around alternative endings of that physical encounter with Erica, erotic and indulgent. Thoughts that weren’t easy to control, the more he tried repressing them the more vivid and elaborate they became. He thought of all the sexual positions they could have used. He found himself grappling with the image of her naked body and the sound of her entrancing moaning. That kiss, its taste lingered on his lips. He found it hard to walk straight without obscuring his crotch. The walk felt both long, because of watching of his crotch, and short, because of the elaborate fantasies that preoccupied him. He decided that he liked her despite it all. Erica was a good person. He trusted and admired her over Corklin, which meant he respected and feared Corklin more.

For lunch they were served fried chicken and chips. Corklin grabbed four slices of white bread from the table. Sitting across from him, Rolemn stared at him as he bit into his fried chicken mayo sandwich, oblivious to any alliance between Rolemn and Erica. Rolemn assumed he would smell the betrayal on him and the wisp of guilt that oozed off him. 

“What?” Corklin asked, shook his shoulder.

“Hmm?” Rolemn raised his eyebrows.

“Why you looking at me like that?” 

Rolemn shook his head. “Nothing.” He looked back at his food, which he had barely touched  since they sat down at the dining hall table. He could still smell her on his lips. 

“What’s going on? You look like you got something on your mind,” Corklin said, eye brows creased. 

He looked back at his face. “No. Just thinking I guess.”

“You missed your morning lectures. You slept till late and you still look tired. You have barely eaten a thing.” He paused, looked around for eavesdroppers, then soflty asked, “Are you going bad again?”

Rolemn shook his head abruptly. “No, dude. Not at all. I would tell you if I was.”

Corklin nodded, eyeing him with a trace of doubt. “Look, if this is about your medication I promise I will get it sorted pretty soon and you will be right back on your feet before you know it.”

“Cool. I’m definitely gonna need those.”

“How is the essay going?”

“I’m gonna start tonight. Will probably finish early in the morning.”

“You got your pills for that.”

“Sure,” he lied, they had snuffed the entire bottle of Ritalin on their last binge. He preferred it if Corklin did not know, for fear he would think he was irresponsible or worsen his suspicions of him going bad. That preference alone made him wonder if he was truly going bad again for a brief moment, then he brushed the concern off. “I wouldn’t let us go that far, dude.”

Corklin nodded. “Good. Because –”

In an attempt to stir the conversation a different route, he blurted , “So Erica?”

“What about her?”

Rolemn forged a laugh. “When last did you see her?”

“Oh, man. I forgot to tell you. When I got back from your room puss high. I got into my room to find her waiting for me.”

“What?” Rolemn faked his surprise. “No way, dude. What did you do?”

“Wait,” Corklin started, cackling, “So I get into my room. My nose is dripping. I’m scared she is gonna see white powder up my nose or shit. So I turn the lights on so the glare buys me some time. I reach for toilet paper and blow my nose then I rush straight to the basin and splash my face with water. She is still waking up, squinting her eyes and sleep drunk. So when she finally looks at me I am wiping my face with towel.

She asks: What you doing?

I tell her: Just brushing my teeth, babe. 

She asks me where I have been and the entire evening. I told her I was with you and she was cool. I couldn’t believe it. She just got quiet for a while, I thought she was gonna shout at me, but she said just went back sleep. All okay.” He smiled, pleased with himself. “I told you that dinner would come in handy.”

“Wow,” Rolemn remarked at the fact that Erica must’ve thought he was lying as, he had hoped, because as far as she knew he wasn’t with Corklin that day. There he sat enjoying detail to detail of his little triumph which went far to explain some of the reasons behind the encounter he had with Erica earlier that day.  

“Yeah man. Nearly got caught.”

“Good thing you were quick,” Rolemn replied, gloating inside.

“Exactly. I wouldn’t know how to handle it if she found out, man. She hates rit.”

“Really?” Rolemn said,startled.

“Yeah. She thinks it’s some harmful drug marketed to children, stunting growth. A scam by pharmaceutical companies to keep people hooked and addicted. She is one of those people who think that all the psychiatric illnesses are fabricated.”

“Wow,” he felt a cold jab beneath his heart, rejection. “I wouldn’t have guessed,” his voice laced with weariness.

Corklin picked up on his tone. “I guess there are just people like that in this world. I think unless they could be in your position they would continue thinking what they thinking. Those who don’t need the stuff, including me, will also keep on abusing it. At least I show some respect by not going as far as faking a psychiatric illness. That only makes things worse for people like you.” Corklin took another huge bite on his sandwich.  He moaned with pleasure. “This is good,” he mumbled with his mouth full.

Rolemn absently nodded, tangled in thoughts and shock.

“Oh, shit!” Corklin exclaimed.

Startled, Rolemn followed his gaze to find the object of his utterance to be Sandy,entering the dining hall. “What’s wrong with him?”

“I think he is gonna come here,” Corklin frowned. “His strange, man. I can’t stand that guy.”

“I think he is pretty cool.”

“Well, finish your meal fast because we gotta go. Don’t want him joining us.”

“Okay, dude. Whatever, man.” 

After the queue, Sandy stood before the threshold roaming the busy dining hall with his eyes for a spot. He stopped when he spotted Rolemn and Corklin.

“He is looking,” Corklin whispered. 

“Really?” said Rolemn, not wanting to turn his head to look.

“Yeah, he is walking here now. Eat quickly, okay?”

“Sure.” Rolemn nodded.

In a few strides he had arrived at their table. He placed his tray on the table, smiling. Grabbed a seat, grabbed the fork and tknife on his tray and ogled. He mumbled to himself then that grin appeared, gleaming with excitement. “Hey, Cork. How are you?” he said, not looking up.

“I’m well, Sandz. How are you?”

“Great.” He looked at Rolemn. “Hello, Ro.”


“How are you?” He narrowed his eyes. “You look tired. Honeslty, if you guys keep on the way you have been people are gonna start thinking there is something more going on here than a friendship.” He laughed.

Rolemn nodded. “I’m okay, Sandz.”

“What’s that on your cheek, Sandz?” said Corklin.


“It looks like blood.”

Sandy wiped his cheek with his fingers. He studied the red substance that was smeared on his fingers. “Oh, maybe it’s tomato sauce or some shit.”

“No, it isn’t. You haven’t touched any ketchup since you sat down. That is blood,” Corklin insisted.

Sandy turned to Corklin, then glanced at his plate. “You have finished your food, Cork. Are you waiting for seconds or some shit?” Sandy replied contemptuously, adding emphasis on Cork to sound like cock. “Go please. I need to speak with Ro in private.”

“Well, you are out of luck because we got some where to be after this and we are already late,” Corklin retorted. He turned to Rolemn. “Please finish.”

Sandy stared at Corklin with a snarl of a face. “Please, fuck off! He will come find you when we are done. Okay, dopey?” His voice suddenly guttural and low.

Corklin leaned back, scowling as if he couldn’t recognize Sandy. He glanced at Rolemn whose face exclaimed shock and bewilderment, an unhelpful source of advice. He shifted his glance back to Sandy, whose stare wasn’t faltering. It seemed to be intensifying with each moment. Corklin grabbed his tray and got up, his eyes fixed at Sandy and emitting coldness. “Freak!” He spat viciously, then walked away. 

Sandy turned to Rolemn, who was surprised to find that whimsical grin erected again. “I just don’t trust the guy.” His tone suddenly gaily.


Next chapter of the serial will be released next week.

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