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Interviewing My Characters


So I decided I would sit down and interview my main characters, Macxermillio, Macfearson and Sandy, from my novel Before the Cult. I wanted to know what they thought or felt about the upcoming books in the Scarleton Series and the novel itself.

This is what happened. Keep in mind I did not plan any of this.

The Interview

I beamed. “Hey, guys. Thanks for being here. I am glad that we are finally doing this. How are you?”
Macfearson pinched his nose bridge and looked down at the floor, “Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed.”
I raised an eyebrow. “Embarrassed?”
Macfearson nodded. “Yes. Can’t you see how narcissistic and messed up this is?” He raised his head and huffed. “You are holding an interview, to interview your own characters, about your own work. It’s not cool.”
Macxermillio and Sandy nodded. “True,” they spoke unison.
“One of the saddest things I have ever seen,” Sandy added.
“You might as well write yourself a five-star review while at it,” said Macxermillio.
“A lot of writers do this. They just don’t publish it. What’s wrong with publishing it?” I retorted.
Macfearson frowned. “The fact that you don’t see what is wrong with this is the disturbing part.” He glanced at Sandy and Macxermillio, who nodded in support.
“You know, you guys can be such dicks sometimes.”
Macxermillio leaned towards Sandy and whispered, “There is a huuuge difference between being a dick and being right.”
“You know I can hear you, right?” I said. “Your entire existence depends on my mind. You guys seem to forget that.”
Macfearson sighed. “If you had that much control on us I don’t think you would have spent months in therapy trying to get rid of us without success.”
“Yeah,” Sandy joined him. “Your psychiatrist even said you need us. That you can’t cope without us.”
“You are twisting things. That’s not what happened!” I retorted. “He said that I use you guys as a coping mechanism. He didn’t want to get rid of you in the first place, he just wanted to understand how a grown man still has imaginary friends and how it started. I could easily develop other coping mechanisms if I wanted.”
“No, you can’t!” They all laughed.
I shake my head. “Alright, whatever.” I glance down on my clipboard. “Can we get into the interview, please?”
“I guess.” Macxermillio looked away, arms folded and slouching in his char.
“What does that mean?”
He sits up and leans forward. “I guess I still can’t believe you had to kill me off. I gave you at least three other alternatives in which the story could have went and you chose the one where I die.”
“It was your idea.”
“You failed the test.”
“What test?”
“It was a test to see if you would get rid of me if you had the chance. You were supposed to dismiss it and tell me you wouldn’t be able to write it without me or something,” Macxermillio replied. “Instead as soon as I suggested it you went with it and murdered me in the most brutal way possible. Like you were enjoying it.”
“I thought that is what you wanted.”
“Why would I want that?”
“I don’t know.” I paused. “Besides it works best for the story. A shadowing effect.”
“I guess.” His face contorted. Then he folded his arms and slouched back in his chair.
I looked at all of them. “So what did you guys like best about being characters in Before the Cult?”
It was quiet for a while.
“I liked Kim. She was pretty cool,” said Sandy.
“I would like Kim but she took Jessica’s part so I wasn’t stoked with her,” said Macfearson.
“Yeah, I thought we were going to talk with Jessica instead. The next thing this blonde brazen girl shows up,” Macxermillio added.
“Well, I couldn’t make an eight=year-old be a hooker in a bar,” I said.
“You have known her for fifteen years. How come she never grows up? She should be at least twenty by now.” Macfearson snorted. “Don’t you think it is strange you’re in your twenties and you have an eight-year-old white girl as an imaginary friend?”
I sighed. “You also don’t grow. Plus if I did that she wouldn’t be Jessica. She would be someone else. So that is why I created Kim. But unlike Kim I didn’t create Jessica or you guys. That is why I can’t change you guys or her that much.”
Macxermillio mumbles something, not satisfied. “The second book is based months before events of the first book. How come I don’t even make an appearance but Macfearson does?”
“You are in the book.”
“Yeah, But I am in it in the creepy kinda way. It’s just my voice. Not me.”
“Yeah, but there is a point to all this. I don’t just decide these things. I make careful judgments.”
“Ask us another question.” said Sandy.
I looked down at my clipboard, none of it felt worthwhile anymore. “Nah, I’m not feeling it anymore. You guys can go.”
Sandy looked at both Macxermillio and Macfearson, then he said, “You guys, we should apologize.”
“No, it’s fine. This was a bad idea,” I said.
Macfearson nodded. “Sure, I mean Sandy is practically you. Interviewing him is like interviewing yourself.”
I wearily replied. “We just have the same name, you know that. You are just being a dick again.”
Macxermillio shrugged. “Can we go now?”
“Yeah, sure.”


They sure kicked my ass. Don’t worry, we mostly get along. We went for band practice afterwards.

A lot of people who read the book have been asking about Calvin. Although he never makes an appearance a lot of you were interested. I have thought about it and I think I will write a novella or novelette on the guy. He is also one of my most prominent imaginary friends so that would be cool.

I promised to publish at least the first 20k words of the second novel Pyre of Envy here from the date I was supposed to release it, 9th August. I have started editing and it will be ready by then. However, I still can’t tell you when the full length novel will come out, but I hope it will be this year.

I have regained a lot of strength and I’m getting out of the haze despite the setbacks I have had this year with my mental health and my mom’s health and her passing.

Thanks for reading

“If God is here
And God is love
Was he there when I got touched?
While I was calling out his name?” – HURT ‘Adonai’


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