Short Stories to Contemplate #4: The Cat


Mary absently stirred her coffee and looked across the table at Courtney. Her brow wrinkled. “Why do cats sleep on top of their owners?”
“Like on your lap?” asked Peta who sat on the side, her eyes glued to her phone.
Courtney snorted. “Of course not. She is talking about in bed.”
“It climbs on your body, stretches and sleeps on top of you,” said Mary.
“Aww, that is so cute. I should definitely get a cat,” said Peta, eyes still on the phone.
“You always say that every time we talk about something cute our cats did but as soon as you see one you change your mind all over again,” Courtney replied, playing with the leftover spaghetti on her plate.
Peta sighed. “Cats are assholes. No affection whatsoever.Real cold fuckers.” Peta lifted her head from her phone momentarily. “It’s like how when you see dog. You look at how cute they are and for a moment you forget what assholes they can be. If you need proof just look at that dog whisperer’s show.”
Courtney wearily shook her head. “You are hopeless.”
Peta flashed a playful grin and returned to her phone.
“Why do they do that?” Mary asked.
“In this age people shouldn’t be asking questions anymore. Somewhere on the internet someone asked your question and an expert or some clever loser answered it. Yahoo it,” Peta said.
“Why can’t you say ‘Google it’ like a normal person?” Courtney shrugged.
“I know you might find this hard to believe but Google isn’t the only search engine round, Courtney.” Peta replied.
Mary smiled. “If everyone did that we would not talk to each other anymore.”
Peta lifted her head, and sarcastically nodded. “Except we would be way more clever and have better things to talk about. Instead of coming to restaurants like these every weekend and wasting hours drinking coffee and eating junk. Maybe in that world we would have way better interests.”
“You are whole lot meaner today.” Courtney frowned, folded her hands arms and stared at Peta.
Peta did her shrug of detachment. “I don’t mean to be mean – “
“I told you before and I am telling you now,” Courtney and Mary finished her sentence.
Peta looked a bit startled.
“You always say that.,” Mary explained. “I’m starting to wonder why we even hang out with you anymore.”
Peta blankly stared. “I wonder too.”
Silence fell between them. The girls were struck by how much Peta did not care.
“You are the cat,” Courtney said.
“But, Courtney,” Peta stared into her eyes and placed a hand her shoulder, “you looove cats.”


Just what you to know personally I love cats.
This story/snippet came to me this morning. I knew it was something I wasn’t interested in expanding into a bigger piece although the character  Peta is beginning to stick with me. Maybe I might use her somewhere.

Thank for reading.

” I’ve made mistakes
But my mistakes haven’t made me.” – Being As An Ocean ‘Poets Cry For More’


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