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My Enigma

I scratch through skin to bone,
Heart  thrums ,
Stomach  churns,
Mind  swivels .
I collapse under my pillars .
Such  desire,
Such need,
It can only be for you .

If  feelings  could  sing…
I  would  dance with you to their tune ,
Dine  with you,
And there  I watch you become  mesmerized  by their sheer beauty.
And right then you get to understand my enigma.

Here, words waft out of my mouth like my heart
I have never heard the voice of my heart with my ears
Always knew it was locked away some where
But to actually hear it, feel it … sends shivers through the very essence of my being.
My heart sings aloud.


Haha, I wrote this in 2014 for a girl. I found it buried somewhere in my computer.

Anyway if you liked this please like,comment or follow.

“These vultures from the past, coming
In all the hells and worlds, the time has come
Delivered from their eyes
I’m leaving this behind – the gift of guilt.”
– Gojira ‘The Gift Of Guilt’


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