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Gossip Girl Book Review And What I Learned


I have watched the TV series and I thought I should take a crack at the books and see if they are similar, if they make more sense than the TV series, if the characters are more believable,if they don’t all end up sleeping with each other (I mean a handful of teenagers are rotating the shit out of each other, they all end up having dated each other twice or three times) and making the same damn mistakes like a goddamn soapie. Well, for know I can’t answer those questions as I haven’t finished the series yet. The purpose of this book review is to share what I thought about this particular book and a few things it has taught me.

The changes of perspective  from one character to another in the same chapter without a divider I found it well done. It was very film-like, it felt like the camera kept jumping from one spot to another in the same scene, except this time you where deep into characters’ feelings and thoughts on a mutual scene/situation at one time. Which is amazing, in most fiction you only experience a scene through one character, in this one it is multiple characters at once. Your instinct might be to think this will be confusing without clear cuts which signal a shift of viewpoint but the book is edited so well that it flows so well without any hiccups. It starts to feel natural because the switches and links are done well just like in good filmmaking. 

The characterization here isn’t very potent but the characters are interesting enough to be curious. It is the sense that things are building up to something that keeps the reader intact and the lack of Serena’s  viewpoints. She is mostly characterized through other people by a mixture of gossip, intrigue and admiration. She became a bit of a Gatsby, a character of extreme interest shrouded in wild rumours that are neither confirmed or denied, and it is only about halfway in the book and towards the end of the book we gain some insights. Remarkably, she isn’t the annoying, shallow, vapid character she is in the TV series. She is actually a sympathetic character for once and you love her.

Gossip Girl was nice,palatable and an engrossing read despite an ending that was neither satisfying or dissatisfying, although done by the book ( by resolving all/most of the questions the story asked).

Here is a few things I learned:

– What other characters say, treat and think about your main character goes a long way, it is part of the characterization process.
– In a series, weak double-edged endings are acceptable.
-If you do it wisely you can switch viewpoint at a snap of a finger without jarring or confusion.

Thanks for reading

“Glory and gore go hand in hand
That’s why we’re making headlines.” – Lorde ‘Glory And Gore’


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