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Reviewers Needed

I need people who can review my book “Before the Cult”, the first book of the Scarleton Series. The book is largely allegorical, complex and compact. So it won’t be anything traditional, expected or easy. It is quite dark so be prepared.



Book Description


A depressive is convinced that there is only one place where he will find belonging, beyond the grave. In order to achieve that, he is on a search for the perfect suicide. When his homicidal experiments fail he has to learn to find a place in this world and change his mindset. But will he? He is blood thirsty and on the verge of suicide.

Book I of the Scarleton series.


The novel explores and contemplates:


  • The nature and meaning of death
  • Belonging
  • The nature of existence and life
  • Mental illness and therapy
  • Our generation of decadence, apathy and aimlessness


Perhaps the biggest thing about this novel is because it was also written to make one experience a certain type of depression, anxiety and ADHD. I know it a lot for one book but somehow I weaved it all together into one framework.


Description of the Scarleton Series


Scarleton Series is partially chronological, events that happen in one book usually intertwine with other books and bring light on some issues expressed in other instalments. It is more of a thematic series; events of one book might be occurring at the same time, before or after the events in another book. They might influence each other or feed off one another. Each book takes centered look on one of the characters. Each book can be enjoyed on its own, but will be enjoyed even better within the context of others. All books are based in the fictional town called Scarleton.


I personally think of each book in the series as a chapter or a section in one big novel.

So, if any of you are interested in reviewing this book please email me: macxermillio@gmail.com


Thank you


“If you don’t face the weakness of your own self

You will take the same course.” – Epica ‘Victims of Contingency’


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