My Children

My children suck blood from puppies
They gnaw at the heartstrings of innocence
They grasp tender throats
Denying voices escape

My brothers look down
And shake their heads
With shame and disgust
Clad in stolen innocence.

As they drag their feet on the streets
Dressed in rags
And searching for blood
I don’t blame my children

I can’t blame them, brothers
You stole their livelihoods
Trampled over their hopes
And pulverized their dreams

Riches won’t cleanse your greed ridden soul
The crumbs you give away won’t absolve you.

You disgust me.


Inspired by the inequalities and the exploitation in the world.

“Hear me out, intimacy;
Let your warmth envelop me.
Closeness, oh sweet luxury,
I’ll praise you vehemently.” –  The Kindred  ‘Everbound’


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