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My Celebrity Crushes And Why I Think I’m In Love With Them

We all have celebrity crushes. The phenomena makes sense to an extent. We see these people often and we begin to think we know a little about their true selves, we associate certain traits and values to them depending on the context in which we encountered them. It is a mixture of a lot of things but it is clear that whatever those things are celebrity crushes are real and influential. We think we love these people and we would marry them and have a bunch of babies with them. We idolize and romanticize them. With all that said, a majority of us are aware that we really don’t know who these people are, we might not like them in person and we might never ever meet them in person to find out.

So here is a brief list of my celebrity crushes and why I think I’m “in love” with them.


Avril Lavigne

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The first time I saw Avril was in her “I’m With You” video. I was moved by the song because I was experiencing a lot of emotions expressed in it. I was a lonely and depressed pre-teen and a social reject. So I saw someone who did what I felt like doing, who looked at me through the screen and did something none of the people in my life could do, truly see me. Avril was me and I was her.

It should have ended there but it didn’t, the crush I mean. The reason for this had little to do with how she looks. Yes, I love how she looks but I didn’t like how she looked before I related to her music. So I was drawn to the personality and the art before her looks. One reason this didn’t stop and I am still madly in love with her it is because I can trace every kind of music I listen to and my love for rock and metal to that moment. She exposed me to a type of music that was really foreign to me. I live in a society where you can go years without hearing a rock track. Some people don’t know what rock is, they can’t stand it or understand it.

So when I had this encounter I discovered a genre of music that turned me into an outcast and changed my life forever. That is why whenever I see her face I can’t help but feel fuzzy inside. Because of her I dived into the infinite sea of rock music. I grabbed everything I could get my hands on until I found metal, then heavy metal sparked my eternal love for music itself not just the genre.

So thank you,Avril. I love you. And I am still a fan and will buy every album of yours as long as I live even if they turn out awful because I can never repay you.


Kaya Scodelario


Everybody knows her from her role as Elizabeth Stoneham in Skins, now she is in the Maze Runner(the only reason I am watching it). Her role as Effy is my favorite, in fact, I love Effy that is what sparked my interest in the person who was playing her. She is attractive, but again that wasn’t the first thing that made her stand out to me. It was the enigma of the character she played that did.

So I found out she struggles with dyslexia, Kaya Scodelario, which immediately made her even more impressive. Look at all managed to achieve whilst having that problem. I had nothing but respect for her but the respect has turned into other feelings.

I know she is married now and all the best to her.

A friend of mine from the UK has met her and he told me that I wouldn’t like her in person. Well, I pretty much don’t care. England is wonderful, they have brought the world so many things: Shakespeare, Turner, Iron Maiden, Skins, Shameless, Peep Show, Industrial Revolution, David Attenborough, Oasis, The Verve, Black Sabbath, Sherlock Holmes, BBC Documentaries, and countless other things. There are a thousand reasons why anyone should visit England in their lifetime. Despite knowing all that England wasn’t on my itinerary until I discovered Kaya Scoledelario. When I discovered her, I was like, “Put me on the next plane to London now!”


Elly Jackson

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – JULY 13, 2014. Elly Jackson fronts the English synthpop band La Roux during a performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 13, 2014. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times)

I really look up to her. She produces quality music and she struggled with anxiety and lost her voice completely, it took teeth and balls for her to bring us La Roux second album “Trouble in Paradise”. That, my friend, is what makes Elly Jackson one of the hottest women I know. I just love her. She is a hero.

I know some people don’t think she is good looking, I really think she is. She got the pale thing going and red hair, nice big eyes and a sexy nose (yes, I think there is such a thing as a sexy nose).

Plus she inspires me to conquer my own challenges and come out strong at the other end. I look up to her.


Tina Fey



She is multi-talented and I admire her because of that. But mostly, I think I love her because she is hot.


That, my friends, is my list.


Thanks for reading


“Sometimes it’s good to build up walls not keep anyone out

But to see who care enough to knock them down” The Color Morale ‘Learned Behavior’


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