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About This Little Space Of Mine

I thought I should write this blog post so there wouldn’t be any confusion as to what this blog is about and so you may know what to expect from it.


A Little About Myself

From a very young age two things have quite literally saved my life and made it worthwhile, music and books. Storytelling telling came before the books, but the books expanded my imagination even further. Put simply I loved stories and a created over thirty of them when I was a child. With that came writing, the freedom and identity I found in it.

Then there is music, specifically rock and heavy metal, it brought concepts and thoughts into my life that I never would have had. Took me off the streets. Saved me from suicide and held me up when I needed the strength to carry on in difficulty. It even carved and sculpted my identity. For the first time I found a place that understood me, accepted me and soothed my pain.

So clearly I would die for music, books and writing. But there is something else which defines my life. It is my long struggle with mental illness, specifically chronic depression, ADHD and a bit of anxiety. I got hospitalized once and constantly see someone now, I can say that helps and I’m better than I was for ninety percent of my entire life.

Oh, I almost forgot. I have never dying love for Philosophy. I would do things I can’t describe for fear that you will vomit so I can do Philosophy.


About the Blog


The blog started out as place for me to talk about my books and discuss my work “Before the Cult”, an author platform type of thing. It isn’t the first blog I have, I had another one that got some traction but I had nuke it because there was a ton there that was disturbing to me, simply because I wasn’t in the best mental health when I wrote most of the posts there. This blog will always be here, don’t worry.

After a lot of thinking here is few things that you can expect from this blog, all inspired by my passions.

  • Reviews, I have done reviews and I keep doing reviews and I always will. You can expect me to review books and music. Yep, you heard me right. I love music and books, I think the two make interesting companions so I don’t see the need to give each its own blog. I also believe they make good friends.

I also will be taking review requests, contact info is below.

  • Writing advice, now and then I will post some writing insights or advice I have. Something I regard worth thinking about or helpful. I will also just discuss writing in general.
  • Commentary, I will offer my opinions on events past and current and possible events and more.
  • Share ideas, thoughts and theories.
  • Share my experiences, personal and professional.
  • Do book discussions and update readers on my work.
  • Post any work of mine or another, whoever is interested.
  • Write arguments and blog responses.


As you can see it is pretty flexible. I have no idea what takes more priority, it really depends. I guess in the end I, as a person, am all you can expect.


For any queries, thoughts and a ton more you can contact me at any of these places, email taking first preference:





Thanks for reading


“If you want you can will it

You can have it

I can put it right there in your hands” – Mastodon ‘The Motherload’


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