A Book Written By Angels And A Little Something About Reviewing It

Truth Angels

Title: The Truth of All That Is: The Angel Book to Enlightenment and Personal Transformation by Amelia Bert

Book Description:

In this book, the Angels respond to all your inquiries, thoughts and prayers. They share their wisdom, enlighten and empower. There are lessons to be learned, benefits to be gained, assistance to be given, truth to be revealed.

They talk to you directly, if you would only allow the words to move through you, you will succeed your own personal transformation.

This book is a direct Angel narration by intuitive Amelia Bert. It is the result of her spiritual journey of months of meditation and connection with lighted spirits.

This is a spiritual book, that links all the peaces together by revealing the truth of the cosmos.


My stance on these types of books is not favorable. This isn’t because of any religious convictions I hold about some philosophical views I hold. It is difficult to be convinced otherwise with the types of objections I hold towards many of the claims made by these types of books. But this isn’t me writing a counter argument, it wouldn’t be appropriate (If I wanted to do so it would be more of blog series, it would probably be over fifteen posts which would make this blog appear to be about this one thing. Instead of tagging my arguments in a review). That would be insolent of me, it is like being tasked to review the Bible but only to end up criticizing Christianity as religion and using the opportunity to push your own beliefs. That is not reviewing a book, that is being a dick, especially when the book is not making any argument of any sort. That is how I feel.

This book is written for believers, so I will review it from that perspective and also from a neutral perspective. The author is clearly aware of people like me, she isn’t stupid, but she isn’t trying to write for people like me.


This book makes sense and makes what should be difficult easy. This is because it spends an adequate amount of the time introducing you to some metaphysical, ontological and spiritual concepts which are integral to the entire book as whole. These concepts have an air of familiarity to them, because you have heard them before, but they seem to make more sense in the framework the book has set for itself therefore gleaning more meaning and understanding. It breaks down the concepts that seemed too complex and/or difficult into pieces that are easier to recall and digest. All this comes in handy when it is time to do all the work, making the steps you have to take to achieve spiritual enlightenment or ascension easier and manageable. Things that should be overwhelming cease to be. One of book’s strongest qualities is it’s ability to bring some spiritual concepts, which traditionally belong in different sects or opposing religions into a structure that makes them work for each other and belong to each other, removing the supposed conflict. As a book in this particular genre, it hits the right chords, it would make a great, reliable, easy to follow handbook to spiritual ascension as it reads like a catalogue of all methods, concepts and includes an array of prayers/invocations which makes it the reference book to go to. Chapters are concise but pack a lot of meat, so I would imagine reading this one in meditative breaks to be suited.


However, there is a general debate, doubt if these types of books have any value at all. If they are predatory, making money off building false hope, false sense of security, false sense of assurance and perpetuating a state of inertness. The harm vs. benefits of it all. But I think one of the answers to these concerns is simple, it depends who you are. One thing is certain though, this book has other “non-spiritual” benefits that have empirical support to improve the quality of life and health of individuals, psychologically, medically, socially and mentally. There is something of value that is beneficial to you now, that you can find in practicing some of the techniques suggested in this book (i.e, mindfulness, meditation, positive thinking etc). Also this book provides you with an interesting worldview. If one thing helps with stress or mental health it is being exposed to other ways of thinking about things, other ways of experiencing things and seeing things. Not only will your thinking about the world be more flexible and dexterous it will also cast a wider net of comprehension and insight.

All in all, you aren’t losing anything by giving this a chance.

Thanks for reading


“I’ve no excuse, I just want you to use me.

Take me and abuse me

I got no taboos, I’ll make a trade with you

Do anything you want me to.” – Dizzee Rascal ‘Dirtee Cash’



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