Dictation (Book Review)

Look at this cover and read the description

writing review

Book description:

Tired of being chained down to your computer?

Hands hurt from hours of writing?

Looking for a way to dramatically increase your hourly word count?

Want to write 1,000,000 words a year without breaking a sweat?

Sounds a little crazy when you say it out loud. However, this is easier to accomplish than you’d think. Especially when using dictation for all your writing.

Dictation has the power to transform your life whether you’re writing a novel, short story, blog post, or paper. Whatever the outlet, dictation can help you increase your productivity levels.

Over the past two years I’ve switched over to dictation and I went from writing about 250,000 words a year to over a million words. If I really wanted to amp things up I think I could go even higher!

The quickest way to success as a new author is to pump out more quality books on a consistent basis. Many indie novelists try and get a full 100k+ book out every 3 – 6 months. Using dictation you’ll be able to hit those goals with ease. You could release something new every month if you really felt inspired.

So what’s the secret to getting all this done. Well, dictation on it’s own, while wonderful won’t write your book for you. You still need to build better writing habits and put in the the work.

Inside You Will Learn:

An Introduction to Dictation

Types of Voice Recognition Software

First Starting Out With Dictation

5 Way To Improve Your Writing While Using Dictation

20+ Tips to Improve Your Writing and Dictation Skills

Dictation Apps, Books & Resource Guide

FREE Book on Mindfulness + 1 More FREE Bonus Book Included!!

And Much More!

Learning how to manage your time and be as efficient as possible is one of the main keys to becoming a successful writer. Dictation will allow you to achieve that and much more!

If you are like me you see the cover, the title of this book and the description and you think: “Bullshit! This is one of those bullshit products made for the sole purpose of making money from the desperate. Exaggerating results and selling equipment or products to people that haven’t been proven to do shit!” You know, the scammer/spammer types. The claim that you could write one million words a year or more. The reaction was: “You are shitting me”
Since I don’t believe in having any proper opinion without first thinking about the claims laid before me and the reasons for those claims. So I sat down and thought about it. One million word year translates to close to three thousand words a day (2765 words to be exact). There are people I know who claim to type 2000 words a day. When you start thinking about it, one million words doesn’t seem so impossible or exaggerated, keeping in mind you have better days were you write more than 2765 words and worse days were you simply can’t (maybe you are sick). It will be hard, I thought before reading this book, but it is possible. Now the questions was what did the author had to offer to make the goal easier or, in his terms, “without breaking a sweat”. I did not know what dictation was.
Basically, dictation is speech-to-text, using your voice to write. I tried speech recognition technology to write an essay in college and it didn’t go so well. The software was crap and I couldn’t imagine there was anything better or that it could ever work. The whole idea seemed impractical.
Well…it seems I was wrong.
When you think about it, we talk more than we type, and sometimes a lot of thoughts are lost because we simply can’t type as fast as we think but imagine if you speak your way through your first drafts. You will have whole lot more thoughts and, therefore, words, and you won’t be limited by muscle strain on how much you can produce. If this technology is available and you can make it work it will definitely change your writing and efficiency, not mention improve your health.
This book is the bridge to that world of efficiency, improved health and production.
The author of this book is aware that migrating to this technology migrating to this technology is not a simple task, it takes some getting used to and he offers tips and practices that will make this technology work for you. You learn about the different technologies in the market and how the technology has changed to learn how you speak and write, therefore allowing it to be more accurate and suited to you. You will also get some advice on what other equipment to supplement the software with, in an easy and non-overwhelming way.
The authors also goes through some ways in which in this technology has changed his writing for the better. It made his writing smoother, gave him authentic dialogue and tone of his writing. Clearly this technology has benefits but going into it can be a daunting task. The author makes it easier for you, having done most of the work for you.
This book does not feel like a big sales pitch. It sounds like a close friend is giving you advice and guiding you without sounding unprofessional. It is warm and friendly without the bullshit, making for a book that gets to the point quickly, smoothly and reasonably without making it feel like something is missing or rushed. It feels natural and it can function as a piece of reference you can keep going back to. With books like these, the most important thing is the value and quality of the information, not the quantity, the author understands this and delivers.
So, will I try dictation? Yes, after reading this it is surely something I will try.

You can find this book here.

Thank you.

Now, as tradition on this blog, I will leave you with lyrics that may or may not have anything to do with the post:

And so you tell me I
Can’t take my chances
But I told you one too many times
And you were crying like a bitch.” – Godsmack ‘Cryin’ Like A Bitch’

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