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Something I Noticed About Wattpad

I have been on Wattpad for slightly over a month I think. I am a bit of a rookie there as you can imagine. I’m still trying to figure out how to get more followers and building a following that would eventually turn into sales. My approach when it comes to marketing and building a fan base has been largely long-term focused, it is like planting a seed and takes time and I am okay with that. There are some things I have come across on Wattpad, I might be wrong because I din’t read every Wattpad story , also I don’t have the resources to survey the entire landscape of Wattpad content but I these are some of the things that I have encountered often. These might be in my little corner of the world and there might be entirely different Wattpad stuff out there but I haven’t just discovered it yet that is why the work of Wattpad reviewers like Lakshmi on her blog Wattpad Review Corner might be valuable. The following are just a few of my observations.

I have noticed that many Wattpad writers are young. They are still trying to grow in their writing and talent. They are still very imaginative, there isn’t anything wrong with that, but sometimes this borders close to nothing but narrated fantasies which have little literary value.

Secondly, things escalate quickly in most Wattpad stories and you can’t dwell on long passages that don’t keep the action moving. Before you can catch your breath or prepare yourself shit is already going down and most of it is melodramatic, one-dimensional and implausible. I call it hormone charged fiction. One aspect of that is characters which change too quickly without any plausible reasons why, it is implausible even by the standards they, the writers, have set for themselves. Like one time a character hates some guy and is adverse to dating and in the second half of the chapter she/he meets a guy and she/he suddenly wants to have babies with the guy/girl and there isn’t sufficient reason why she would change so quickly which makes it utterly unbelievable. But the stories/books are popular and succeed anyway, they can because, with Wattpad, the content is free I guess readers are less fussy and have general lower standards (I’m just theorizing)

At Wattpad, romance and fan fiction are super popular than other genres.  Which brings me to my plan or my next move on Wattpad, you haven’t heard I am putting up my novel Before the Cult on Wattpad (link to story) in episodes. So, I am going to write a fanfiction for Wattpad. If my observations are right I will get more traffic, a type of a marketing experiment. Hopefully I will have people who want to buy or read my other books. So I have been asking my brother for the past two weeks to find a band or artist who is really popular these days, someone I can write a fanfiction off. My brother is useless he listens to the same unpopular shit I do. Obviously, I will have to do some research on this person and so forth to write something plausible and breathing. I am useless and I know very little of what is popular today in mainstream music. I thought of writing some Marilyn Manson fanfiction, but I saw that most of it was vampire-like , which I’m not very much into. And it just feels weird, nd I feel like Wattpaders who like Marilyn Manson fan fiction will expect that.. So I am still searching.

You can rest assured that this won’t affect the production of the second book of the Scarleton Series that much. I am good at prioritizing. Second book of the Scarleton Seies, Pyre of Envy, is closer to an end and after that there is going to be a ton of re-writing and editing, I’m excited and daunted at the same time by the amount of work it requires.

Thanks for reading

Now I will leave you with a song lyric that may or may not have anything to do with today’s post:

Calm your heart and make it still
Take your time and get your fill
Dust and boots lay on the floor
Fix my head behind your door
We give our souls and find tomorrow
We laugh in death and kill the pain
Our sins and thoughts are left inside
Darkness the cave in which I hide.” – High On Fire ‘The Cave’




5 thoughts on “Something I Noticed About Wattpad

  1. I find there are a lot of One Direction and 5SOS fictions. If you know anything of Black Veil Brides, that may be a good one. Popular music beyond that could be (I’ll try, I’m not majorly into mainstream at all either): Tori Kelly, Demi Lovato, Drake, Taylor Swift, Of Mice & Men, Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, etc.


    1. Yeah. Actually some great advice. I have seen a lot of 5SOS and 1D fiction. I felt I couldn’t possibly write about them because I didn’t have much interest in them. Since you mention Black Veil Brides, yeah…oh yeah I could do that. I have always had an interest in that phenomenon. Just didn’t think it would be that popular. I suspect their music handles some darker themes which will make it a perfect fit since I like writing stories that explore darker themes.
      Thank you so much.

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