Don’t Worry, I’m Not Gonna Die

So six hours or so ago in my previous post I talked about how people where throwing huge bricks at our house. You came feel very safe when that happens, you might be going for a glass of water and out of nowhere you get a brick shooting through the window and into your skull. We called the police at regular intervals through the night and  no help came.
Just a few minutes ago I was watching Mastodon’s music videos after watching a heavy metal documentary. Then suddenly there was a hard bang and windows shattered everywhere in the living room, a rock half the size of my head, it would have broke my computer or our television set..  So that did not happen. You never know when it is coming so it terrifying as hell.
So I went outside and woman who stays across my street was holding rocks twice the size of her hands in both hands. Ready to throw again. I just stared at her and she dropped them and disappeared into her home.
Phew…now I know it is not some gang or some super hardcore criminals aimed at terrorizing me. Now I’m opening a case. I don’t know why she is doing this, I can’t think of a reason at all.

So I will be safe. I probably shouldn’t have walked outside in case it was a mob but it worked, had to gamble.

So back to some Mastodon.

Now I will leave you with lyrics that may or may have anything to do with my update:
” I can see what the world has done to you
I can feel the weight
feel the weight” – Mastodon ‘The Motherload’


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