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To The Doers

I am in some sort of an impromptu holiday. I really have no idea what happened, but I seem to be spending most of my days on apps & games, then after that I would read extensively. As for writing I…well I am not doing so much of that. It is great that I have tons of books on my tablet but, unfortunately, I also have tons of distractive apps on it. The last time I wrote something was on Saturday. However, the story has not stopped playing in my head. It never really goes away. I constantly think about it in respite.

I am committed to writing blog posts that are of some quality and significance to readers, I believe in investing in producing quality content (quality according to my own standards), regardless of a type of post it is (commentary, advice, opinion or updates). I like spending time thinking things over and then write about them when I feel I can talk about them. I also enjoy sitting down and coming up with my own arguments as to how things work or how should they work regarding one topic or another. As a result of this thinking, I have a stack of ideas and articles that I would love to pursue and research and subject to philosophical inquiry. However, I seem to be in this rut of inertia.

Which is where the good and the bad news come in (more like promises). The bad news is I will keep posting but it won’t be as good material as I would like it to be. The good news is while posting I will be working on a series of seven posts that will be good (according to personal standards) and will be released seven days in a row without a warning. I decided to call these the MX7 posts.  Here is a list of what to expect from those seven posts.

A review on a piece of music (I love music.. I’m sorry I must talk about music or I will go insane: Check out my post Pop)

Talk about the last five books I have read (this includes commentary on literary “endings” or resolutions)

Advice I underestimated as a writer

Bookageddon: The best and worst times to be a reader?

Views on the evaluation of art (preliminary post to a larger series)

Book Subscription Services: Who really benefits?

Plight of a poor self-publishing author


I can publish any of these at any time when I feel like it. The latest these will come out is towards the end of the first quarter of 2016. And remember, it could be way earlier than that, like before this year ends. Note that I may also abandon a topic if I find it uninteresting during research. In the end, you will still get seven posts stretching over seven days.

Those Who Do

In my inertia, I have come to realize something. That those who do succeed, simply that. Even when what they do is shitty or half-assed. This means the good and perfect artist are largely unknown. Why? Because they are perfectionists, and to this day they are busy revising and perfecting their work to universally impressive levels. They are stuck because in truth and all practicality you can’t produce a work devoid of any weaknesses. It is usually by chance and luck that something perfect is born, that does not mean there isn’t a lot of effort involved. Maybe gods can produce something of that quality at whim but I doubt us mortals have the ability to do it in complete intentionality. So while writers should focus on producing quality content they should avoid being too obsessed with getting things perfectly right, because that only means your work will never get published or leave your hands later than it reasonably would have anyway. This allows for a state of perfectionisms which bears the same fruits as inertia, this means the “greatest novel ever” will stay in your head and it will never be in readers hands. So let’s be those who simply do. Those who reasonably evolve and become better at what they do. Because those who do always succeed over those who flirt with doing.

So cheers to the doers!

I will leave you with a quote from a song which isn’t related to any of the things discussed here. I think this will be my thing (ending posts with random song lyrics). I think it’s fun and I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for reading


“This mind is tired of war, of misery and pain. A spirit wasting away like rivers to the sea.” – Triptykon ‘Aurorae’


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